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We specialize in working with Acrylic and Plastic, Lucite, Plexiglass and Lexan. We are experienced in making a variety of display cases, plexiglass boxes, acrylic frames, trays and literature displays.

We can also help you with any custom projects. Just show us your design, or if you donĀ“t have one, let us help you design one. We also add a silkscreen to your custom work. We can make your idea a reality.

We create products that improve the lives of people. We do this by getting to know them, so we can design solutions that are beautiful and useful. We work with teams and end users, taking them through dynamics and exercises to help them explore new ideas for products and services or redesigning existing ones.

All of our products are Custom made. So you are sure to receive a product that will fit your needs. For more information or to place an order, contact our experienced staff at 773-869-9005. Call us now!

Why should you call or chat with us?

  • Each customer has different expectations
  • Each customer has different sizes
  • Each customer has different ideas

Call us so we understand exactly what you want. Forget about your distributor. We are manufacturer and you get the best price.

Our customers are all types: museums, laboratories, food chain stores, exhibitors, galleries, display's companies, home owners, bird cages, aquariums, kitchen wane, acrylic furniture...

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